The newest scalping tool that capable
of generating a never before seen
 scalping profit every 1 minute!

Last updated: Feb 25th - EURUSD M1 screenshot added

This unique scalping tool was designed to be by far the most profitable predicting software ever made for Forex M1 and M5 trading and thus capable of making profit for you in Forex every minute that goes by.

 There is something unbelievable that occurs in the market - now allowing anyone to make instant profit every few seconds doing simple scalping...

Finally becoming profitable in the market at each time you trade is the outcome of trading with this amazing Instant Profit Scalper that is extremely accurate, profitable, very easy and very simple to follow. Just a matter of fact, this amazing tool is so easy to use and operate, that everyone can trade with it and make a profit. It will simply make the wisest and easiest choices for you and trust me, it will work, unlike other unnecessarily complicated Forex tools and systems making it difficult for you to understand and trade with.

I have  something which will change your scalping profit once and for all – forget all traditional FX scalping sold now! The Forex market is not easy to predict but our just discovered New Scalping Forex formula is the real key to unlimited daily profit!
Get the most predictable & profitable scalping tool based on a new
FX discovery!

Now you can generate up to 150-200 pips every day with little effort. The Best Secret Scalper incorporates the most advanced and easy to use functionality that will blow you away. It’s a total mystery how this magical indicator tool really operates so profitably and consistently each time, it is certainly beyond any possible trading expectations. The way market movement can be predicted so accurately is considered to be a phenomenon.

NEW LIVE: Feb 25th - 2013 - Actual signals screenshot: 5 hour only - 12 signals!
Amazing  profit over 100 pips EUR/USD M1

As you can see from the screenshot above - if there is a false signal - it is almost instantly corrected WITHOUT LOSSES by the software!


Updated Feb 21, 2013 - Actual signals screenshot: +159 pips!
Safe scalping M5 timeframe

Remarks: "buy" and "sell" words are my remarks.

February 20th - 2013
- Actual signals screenshot: 2 hour only +102 pips!
Amazing  profit over 100++ pips every single day!
(how the indicator looks like in action)

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Within the Forex market nowadays, more and more Forex products come and go as every day goes by. The truth is however that none of them does what its supposed and described to do in the first place. If you’re a long time trader you must be aware of this already. That’s for sure. You must also know that continuing to spend your hard earned money on Forex products that usually fail, will definitely not make you become a successful trader.

My MOST FAVORITE Scalping tool I’ve ever used ever since I‘ve started trading in the Forex market…

With the NEW amazing Instant Profit Scalper however all this has changed. After years of experience in Forex, spending countless money on many Forex products, I can tell you that this scalping tool is worth every penny that is cost. Yes traders, the outcome using this amazing scalping indicator tool is profit and more profit, as you will be offered endless opportunities to win in Forex every minute of every day. Trust me traders, but using this tool is like getting the rifle to shoot at every target and pull the trigger to succeed in the Forex Market!

Yes, the UNIQUE Instant Profit Scalper indicator has a WELL PROVEN profitable newest scalping method


The powerful Instant Profit Scalper is the only indicator you need in order to become profitable in Forex.  Believe it or not but once its used, up to 75-85 % of your trades will now be profitable. You will no longer complain about your bad Forex outcome due to several indicators and typical other Forex tools that constantly give random results. Simply choose not to loose any of your trades just because typical Forex tools usually fail to deliver what’s expected. You must somehow apply tools that are capable of performing certain key tasks. It’s your only chance in winning in the market trust me.

To be profitable in Forex, certain money management rules must first be defined so that both  your risk and reward levels are fairly good. That implies a procedure of risking less and earning more. The outcome of this brand new scalping tool is amazing. Proven ratio results concerning both entry and reward risks can be anywhere from 1:1 or 1:2 up to 1:5.  The supporting money management predefined rules using the appropriate in time entry and exit signals can dramatically increase you reward ratio level up to an unimaginable scale.

Having such a fabulous functionality from one tool on its own, there’s nothing much left for you to do apart from watching your account to grow in size each and every minute that goes by. Trust me you will never regret it. Just imagine, within just a couple of minutes, you will see money in your brokers account. That’s amazing

If you haven’t yet noticed, one minute trading can bring a variety of advantages in terms of trading in the market without following any time constraints. If you somehow cannot trade one day or another, with the amazing Instant Profit Scalper you no longer have a problem. Even if you are a full time worker and thus not possible to trade certain hours of every day, again it will not affect your overall trading performance. One-minute trades give you limitless flexibility to trade whenever you want to without sticking to a particular time schedule.

Entry signals will be far more frequent in time every day whenever you open turn on your computer and log into your trading account. Spending a couple of minutes of your time every day can be adequate to make a nice profit in Forex.

The unique Instant Profit Scalper is the newest and most powerful success key in ONE MINUTE trading…

In terms of scalping, trading successfully in the market is definitely more demanding and difficult compared with hour or day trading. Have you ever asked yourself why? Without predicting actual market movement every minute that goes by, you don’t stand a chance to win any of your trades. That’s the exact reason why most scalping tools fail in Forex. This demanding task that has to be constantly carried out every minute, minimizes your possibilities of succeeding in the market.

As you can imagine this requires something well beyond any tools available nowadays used in Forex. You better forget all about making profit if the right tools are not applied. Trust me on this.  

The amazing Instant Profit Scalper is the most appropriate tool for you to use that utilizes the latest technology in terms of one minute trading.  Scalping via this tool is very profitable in every possible aspect as it is specifically designed for this purpose, taking into account all the risks involved and likely to occur with this kind of trading.  Taking into consideration some outstanding solid evidence, the new Instant Profit Scalper has proven to have the highest accurate prediction rate within the market after being tested time after time in real time trading.  Use this amazing scalping tool and you will no longer lose in the market again.  That’s a promise.

I will not guarantee that You will become the next billionaire in Forex, but you can still make UNIMAGINABLE Profit

I guess you would now expect me to say that you will be the next billionaire over night. I am sorry to disappoint you but I am gong to be rational. This indicator tool is definitely not the Holy Grail but it’s capable enough to make you lots of profit in the market once you apply it to your trading platform. Being able to look for the first time at the market from a different angle is the result of using this amazing scalper.

The unique Instant Profit Scalper is considered to be among the fastest indicators ever developed with extremely advanced and powerful functionality never seen before in the history of Forex. The technology applied within this tool is at least a few years ahead compared to other competitive products that dominate nowadays market today.

Simply using this AMAZING scalper will completely change the way you think about trading in the market…

 The market is not actually so bad if you know how and when to trade. Now you can still make money whether the marker is going up, headed down, or standing still. No more guesswork on your part is any longer involved leaving you to do nothing but entering and exiting the market appropriately for making profit each time. Now you can be told exactly when to enter and when to exit the market by generated pop up alerts from this amazing scalper. In that way it’s impossible to miss. That’s guaranteed.

Face NO MORE HUGE RISK and EXPOSURE in Forex scalping…

The Instant Profit Scalper was designed with the strongest and most robust policies fully capable of completely removing the risk factor and the fear of loss. No need to panic again each time you trade. Now you’re fully secured, due to the powerful calculating algorithm this amazing tool incorporates in order to completely get rid of any false signals which is the main cause of failing in the market.

Taking into account all the trading signals to be generated throughout a day, always bear in mind that those are actually already made pips for you to make profit in Forex. Use this amazing scalper and feel fully confident rather than exposing yourself to needless risk in the dangerous market each time you trade.

NO MORE trading isolation waiting for trading signals to arrive…

The NEW Instant Profit Scalper generates instant email alerts straight to your PC or mobile phone…

Unlike other indicators and typical manual systems, you can’t help it but spend a well long amount of time every day in order to trade in the market. It could take hours waiting for a a normal signal to arrive chaining you in front of your computer screen each time you start trading. You only wish there was another way to get around this. But there is. Now we can do better, actually much better than that. The new Instant Profit Scalper can now instantly send you an email alert once a signal is generated. In that way you no longer have to be kept isolated waiting for a signal to arrive. Your alert can be delivered straight to your PC or mobile device so that you will never miss a trade again.

A unique combination between the new scalping formula and 4 built-in Forex indicators can produce something never seen before.

The quickest way with endless opportunities to win in Forex is now achievable via the use of this magical scalper that will change once and for all your overall attituce about trading in the Forex market. This amazing scalper produces profit every minute leaving you nothing else to do but see your bank account grow in size. This is not a miracle but instead one of the best tools ever made, specifically designed for successful scalping every minute that goes by.

That’s only if you knew how your life could change forever using this unique Instant Profit Scalper. Just for instance, wouldn’t you possibly be jealous if someone you knew was working only a few hours a day from home making money without having to follow a business daily time schedule? Having the flexibility to do what you want and when you want is also possible as bosses are no longer involved. How does that sound for a life change?  That’s absolutely fantastic!

Having no debt, insecurities and financial bothering boggling you all the time is nowadays a great privilege for most. Having every kind of luxury you want in life, is extremely desirable all over the world. The amazing Instant Profit Scalper is definitely a lifetime opportunity towards to a wealthy life that you will never regret.

A UNIQUE Forex scalping tool which produces the FASTEST trading signals in the most USER FRIENDLY trading approach…

The amazing Instant Profit Scalper is the fastest tool ever designed in the market in terms of generating trading signals. One minute trades are considerably short in time and for that exact reason, timing is fundamental and extremely crucial in order to become successful.  This amazing scalping tool can now face this demanding time constrains of minute trading due to its powerful never seen before functionality that dazzles throughout the trading community. This is the  result of making accurate market predictions in the market every single minute.


 The software allows mainly profitable trades to be opened since the recently discovered scalping formula "knows" the direction of the price movement within the next few minutes...

The actual signal points generated by the "Instant Profit Scalper".
Remarks: This is not the indicator design - this is just points marked. The actual indicator
 prints arrows, color lines, alerts and smart on screen informer text!

Just imagine +140 pips in just 2 hours stress-free scalping!

However this magical Forex Scalper is way more capable than that. Presenting those predictions themselves is unbelievably unique in nature.  Instant Profit Scalper is considered to have the most simple and user-friendly approach ever seen in Forex. I guarantee you that you have never seen anything like it before. Now by just looking at your chart you can trade profitably based on the indicators drawing line color, which will switch accordingly at each time from pink to yellow and vice versa depending whether you should BUY or SELL. Once this occurs, you will instantly be presented with an automatic alert indicating the right action to be carried out by you including an email delivered right to your PC or mobile phone. In that way you cant miss again.


Yes, the simplest trading way is now a reality…

Trade signal popup alert + Pink line BUY, yellow line SELL… That’s all required…

The way this fabulous tool operates is really unique. If you need to buy a given currency, a yellow line will be drawn in your chart indicating this action is to be performed. On the other hand however if you need to sell, the pink line itself will turn to yellow, indicating that a sell action must take place. Can you really imagine trading being performed that way? That’s absolutely amazing.

It has never been easier to trade in Forex than by applying this wonderful technique that is 100% user friendly and easy for every single trader in Forex. After a testing of this amazing new Instant Profit Scalper was carried out in real time trading, apart from the stunning prediction results produced, users experienced something unique. This has never been done before.

 Yes, this powerful Scalper prints either buy or sell ARROWS within your charts…

Apart from the amazing line color switch functionality this amazing scalper implements, now there’s even more in order to make it even easier for you. Now each time the indicator’s drawing line flips from pink to yellow or vice versa, arrows either “BUY” or “SELL” will also be printed right next to it along the chart. In that way it’s extremely easy for you to place a trade right away, once the word is printed along your chart. Trust me traders but you can’t miss a trade again that’s a promise.

Forex scalping isn’t difficult if you have the RIGHT TOOLS to trade with…

Many people make their living from the Forex market fairly easily, while some others really struggle with it losing out fortunes. Have you ever wondered why? Is it the experience? Well of course experience plays a crucial role in this kind of playing field but also another factors are involved.

If you are to trade with tools that constantly let you down, leaving you at each time all exposed and left with nothing, then it is obvious you cannot win. However don’t be discouraged. It’s not your fault. You just simply haven’t yet been given the opportunity to trade robustly with extremely reliable Forex tools that have both the ability and power to make you successful. If you don’t get hold of such tools you will definitely fail and that’s a promise.

Don’t spend your time and hard earned money trying to figure out what’s wrong. Simply get hold of this amazing best Forex scalper and you will soon or later realize that the market is not as bad as it may is look and that you will able to get around it like some other traders that make a killing in market.

The Instant Profit Scalper is fairly simple...


Don’t worry, within a few minutes you will be trading in the market. This amazing tool doesn’t take long to setup and start using right away. All you have to simply do is apply it to your platform and wait for a signal to arrive. Even if you’re not present at the time where a signal is generated, the unique Instant Profit Scalper has the ability to send you an email alert delivered right on to your PC or mobile phone. In that way trading is a piece of cake no matter where you are or what you do. You can still be instantly informed and act right in time.


A scalping tool that:


    The Forex buy sell tool that beats any Forex Robot! That's a fact!

    Allows trading with any Forex pairs of your choice.

   Requires no Forex knowledge whatsoever.

   Can automatically generate email alerts right to your PC or mobile phone

   Ultra profitable no matter what trading experience you have

  Generates consistent Forex signals on a minute by minute basis.

   A reduced risk indicator.

  Uses the amazing first time seen on-screen scalping informer system

   Prints either BUY or SELL arrows on your chart once a signal is generated.



The UNIQUE Instant Profit Scalper operates on a 4-phase strategy to revolutionize Forex trading.

Here’s how it works:


        Pick up the Forex pair that you would like to trade with and open up a chart

        Choose your time frame (in our case M1).

        Once a line goes yellow or pink depending on market condition, a pop up alert will be generated including either BUY or SELL arrows printed on your chart.

        Stop loss points will be printed in your alert popup window


The safest trading way towards a better life full of wealth and happiness is the real outcome of using this unique best Forex scalper indicator that revolutionizes the way we all learned trading in Forex. Market predictions on minute basis are now a piece of cake facing no stress, anxiety or frustration whatsoever. Now any kind of traders whether newbies, intermediate or experienced can still make an easy profit in the market no matter what their knowledge is in Forex. Trust me traders but this amazing tool that was designed bearing always in mind to adhere the best simplicity policies. Yes, now you can rest assured that all this is taken care of and watch your account grow in size within minutes.

NO REPAINT! The "Instant Profit Scalper"
arrows do NOT repaint!


It is a proven fact that trading profitably will give you all the confidence you are ever going to need as stress will no longer be present while trading.  Now you can finally stay calm and trade comfortably in the market like you never before experienced in Forex. Get yourself the best Forex scalper now and get rewarded instantly. Live the life that you deserve with lots and of wealth and happiness. Happy Trading.

Dear traders: Once a purchase is made you will instantly be emailed this amazing scalping tool to start making profit right away. Installation is extremely easy and can be carried out within minutes. Happy trading! You will absolutely love it!


Ultra fast early scalping entry signals, exit points, stop loss levels!

- Email alert with with entry price,  timeframe, pairs etc... and stop loss levels!

Here is a sample how to activate your email alert


- Popup alert with entry price, timeframe, pairs etc...stop loss levels ( with sound! )




 What you will get?


- Step by step User's manual

- Full explanation - why this scalping software is ultra profitable .

- The software itself ( plug'n'play )

- The software in action screenshots

- Sample trades

- I will Help You - Promise!



YES, I AGREE to try it Risk Free for 30 days!

Dear Trader! If within 30 days, you are still not convinced of how powerful the indicator is then just return it and get all your money back at once!



Questions - Answers:

Q. This website looks familiar to me.. Is it the same software that I already have purchased from you?

A. No. It is a brand new website/product... It is not similar in any way with my other products or indicators. First time published Feb, 2013 (never seen seen before  scalping trading algorithm)


Q. What do I need to start using the "Instant Profit Scalper"

A. You need a basic computer and internet connection to use the system all information for setup is provided.


Q. Time frames?

A. The "Instant Profit Scalper" indicator works perfectly fine on:
on M1 and M5 timeframes

Q. Pair?

A. The "Instant Profit Scalper" indicator works perfectly fine on
any Forex pairs! Yes! Any.


Q. What platform will the "Instant Profit Scalper" run on?

A. MT4


Q. How do I get the software?

A. Instant Download


Q. Is it a robot, EA?

A.  No! It is Forex indicator that shows you when buy or sell.

Q. Can I run on a demo account before I risk my own money?

A. Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.

Q. How much money do I need to start trading?

A. You can start with as little as $100 with some brokers, although we recommend a minimum starting amount of at least $250. We can recommend you a broker to you..

Q. Do you provide support?

A. Yes we provide full support both with setting up and implementation of the system, money management issues, technical queries and general trading support.


Q. Are there any monthly fees for your system?

A. No there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one off purchase.

If within 30 days, you still are not convinced of how powerful the Instant Profit Scalper
 is then just return it  and get all your money back at once!   /Karl/

Special Launch Price offer Feb 19-25 = $87!

Just launched Feb 19th, 2013
One time payment $87 - no hidden fees!

A membership to "Instant Profit Scalper" can be ordered anytime!
 Even if it is 2 a.m. on Christmas day, you will still be able to receive instant
 access  to our members area where you can download
"Instant Profit Scalper".
This is a one time fee only. You will never be re-billed.

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